Struggling to get everything done?

This free tool will organize your to-do list in seconds, for free. Learn how to spot the tasks you don’t need to do yourself.

Before we start

On the next page you'll have two minutes to list the tasks you’ve got to do. List everything that comes into your head.

Think of all the things you have to do and list them below, one on each line

That’s great

Next, we’re going to ask you one simple question for each task you entered, which we’ll use to organize your tasks. Please think carefully before answering.

In theory, would it be possible for someone else to do this task?

Get your results, enter your details

All done!

On the next page you’re going to see your organized to-do list, showing what you need to do yourself and what you should delegate to someone else.

You’ll need to do these yourself.

    You should delegate these to an assistant.

      Delegate to assistant now:
      Delegate these tasks now
      Delegate now
      Are there any details or instructions you’d like to add to this task?

      All done!

      Your tasks have been delegated! View them or add more details in your dashboard.
      You have not delegated any tasks! You can add tasks in your dashboard.